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3 easy recycled decor ideas to inspire your most sustainable self

Crafting or DIY and sustainability have a very close relationship, fuelling inspiration for making the most out of what we have right in front of us, and picking the most ethical choice. It can also help us to understand the value of mending, and put an end to all the waste we generate.

Do you know how many kgs of waste we generate every day? Plastic bottles, bottle caps, fabric scraps, cardboard boxes... in one day, we can fill up our bins very quickly.

In the EU, it is estimated that 500kg of waste is generated per person in a year. That's 1.5kg in a day, and it's crazy! The silver lining is that with the right inspiration, we can give these items a second life before they're trashed.

You don't need to spend big bucks to make good-looking things at home, you just need to open your eyes and search around: crafts with plastic bottles, ideas with cork stoppers, anything goes!

Get inspired by these creative recycling ideas with all kinds of materials.

Dare to try? Here are 3 easy recycled crafts to make at home with your family!


How many tin cans do we use every week? You can give them a second life and make a pot for your flowers or the pretty prickly-cactus that have been keeping you company this past year.

We can transform a boring tin can into a beautiful flower pot, we just need to file the mouth of an aluminium can!

Bonus tip: paint it to your heart's content for a unique work of art with personality, like this video right here!


We can also use lids to make educational games and activities. Want to see them?

This memory game made with plastic lids has something that sets it apart from traditional games: it is a tactile experience! That’s cool!

Photo by Estacion Bambalina

The first thing you need to do is collect different materials to make the game pieces: paper, fabric, cardboard, or any alternatives will be fine. The important thing is that they are different to the touch.

Then, using the lids as a mould, get the children to cut out the materials and stick them inside the lids, making two samples of each one.

The way to play this memory game is also different, because it is about remembering a texture and not an image.

What we will do is put all the lids inside a bag and each player will have to take one out, then putting their hand inside the bag and *without looking!* they will have to find the pair.

Doesn't that sound fun?


If you need a bit of extra wall space, transform a wine box with a bit of paint and create a perfect DIY shelf to put your stuff on!

Take a wine crate and paint it in the colour of your choice (you can also add a touch of varnish).

Take a contact adhesive and stick it on without having to drill holes in the wall. Ta-da! Done!

This project, as well as being beautiful, is practical and very easy to make. Are you up for it? How do you think your new shelf has turned out?

Photo by

Share your DIY projects with us by tagging us @clovereedmarket on Instagram, and we'll make sure to check them out!

Happy crafting!

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