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do you know what types of ngos are out there? which one do you fit into the most?

One of our resolutions for 2021 is to start collaborating with more NGOs and we encourage you to join the challenge.

But do you know exactly what they do and what their causes are?

1. Service NGOs

These are focused on providing education, health or family support services.

2. Participatory NGOs

These are the most common and are entities that carry out projects to help communities and citizens. You can collaborate by contributing money, materials or labour when they are most needed.

3. Advocacy NGOs

Entities that promote changes in the system, both economic and social. Joining one of these is a great way to start pushing for a better world!

4. Charitable NGOs

Dedicated to carrying out activities to satisfy unmet necessities for the most needy. For example, they help with housing, transport, food, clothing, among others.

All these NGOs can operate at local, regional or international level... I'm sure you can think of an organization that is well known in your region.

Will you join the change?

Tell us about your experience by sharing your story on Instagram and tagging us with #clovereedgreen!

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