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3 health benefits of organic cotton

This week we celebrate World Health Day.

Did you know that wearing sustainable clothing, especially made of organic cotton, also has health benefits?

Read on and find out how!


Seeing the situation and the high pollution caused by traditional cotton we must take action. What can we do?

This is where a responsible and sustainable alternative arises: organic cotton.

Do you know what it is?

Organic cotton cultivation does not use insecticides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers, it favours the natural cycles of the soil and does not use any toxic substances.

And what is needed for a garment to be considered organic?

It must contain at least 70% certified organic fibres and meet strict production, environmental, social and technical requirements, ensuring compliance throughout the production, manufacturing and distribution chain.


As you can see, having to comply with so many certifications, it is not surprising that it is also beneficial for your health.

Do you know the advantages that come from using organic cotton clothing?

Today we want to share some with you, so you can WOW everyone the next time you're spotted wearing sustainable clothes!

1- Avoid allergies and irritations

The skin is a porous organ that absorbs substances from chemical products.

If we use organic cotton products, which are free of chemicals, we avoid this absorption and reduce the possibility of allergic reactions.

2- Organic cotton is much softer

Organic cotton fabrics are usually much softer than conventional ones. This makes them ideal for sensitive areas of the skin, such as the intimate parts. They are also more comfortable and less prone to damage. So bonus! You'll have to replace them less often.

3- More ventilation for your skin

The softness of the fabric means organic cotton clothing does not squeeze your skin, so it can breathe better and is better ventilated. So not only do you avoid counteracting perspiration, but you will also be less likely to suffer from infections!

Did you know all these advantages? Tell us about other health benefits by leaving a comment or connecting with us on Instagram @clovereedmarket!

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