sustainable gift ideas for dad!

Even those of us who worry about environmental impacts also enjoy gifting, every now and again. That's why, if you're out of ideas, we bring you 4 sustainable alternatives!

This friday is Father's Day in some European countries! In case you were too busy saving the environment to get your shopping done, here are some ethical gift alternatives so you can still surprise your dad (but not by forgetting the gift!).

We offer you 4 eco-friendly alternatives that will convince you "love" and "green" are a perfect rhyme.

from livegens

Handcrafted zero-plastic sunglasses and wooden watches made sustainably with HQ wood, like the exciting models featured below!

1. Rocksand sunglasses

These sunglasses are made with treated bamboo of the highest quality, and produced in a way that's respectful with the environment. 100% sustainable, biodegradable and free of plastic, this is an excellent choice for a #cooldad. Explore them here

2. Everest and Amazonas wooden watches

Everest Wooden Watch | 40mm and Amazonas Wooden Watch | 36mm

These two beauties are handmade, boasting high quality walnut wood, environmentally friendly processes, 100% sustainable and free of plastics. They're definitely on dad's wanted list!

from farrapos e contos

Making sustainable clothing for kids and adults that tells a story, FeC's mission is to create sustainable clothing through organic, natural textiles that join kids and adults for a memorable experience. And with fully certified FT and FW processes, they are well on their way!

3. Penguin Unisex T-Shirt

Do you know how Mother Nature created the penguin?

The story on this organic cotton t-shirt not only explains it to you, but also includes and origami set so you can build your own paper penguin using the instructions stamped on the garment itself! (Much easier than a boxed dresser, for the dads that like to build stuff, we think).

Check it out here!

4. Recycled Backpack with Pocket

This handmade recycled fabric backpack made from recovered garments of local citizens is as clever as it is sustainable. No two are the same, so for a unique dad with an eco-friendly fashion sense, this is a great pick!

Check out all the different options here!