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alternative energy, alternative future

We know alternative energies are those also called renewable energies, but what are they alternative energies to?

As far as electricity is concerned, they are the alternative to the polluting nuclear energy or those that consume fossil fuels and emit polluting gases.

1. Do you dare to try alternative energy?

Alternative energy is related to clean energy, green energy or renewable energy. Alternatives are considered to be all those that come from natural resources and inexhaustible sources, all those that, when produced, do not pollute.

They are an opportunity for the future of our planet, which is already suffering enough from CO2 emissions and global warming, the cause of climate change.

They are an opportunity to repair, or at least slow down, the damage done.

2. Two alternative energies to use

Solar energy

Solar energy, as the name suggests and sure you might have heard about it, is the energy we obtain from the sun. We can distinguish between photovoltaic solar energy, which is the best known and is obtained from solar panels. But there is also thermoelectric solar energy, where the focus is on the heat generated by the sun to heat water that generates steam and drives a turbine that then generates electricity.

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Biomass energy is another well-known alternative. It is a type of alternative energy that consists of the combustion of organic waste of animal and vegetable origin, including all biodegradable products such as sawdust, bark or anything else that can be included in the category of organic matter.

This type of energy can be produced in large thermal power plants, but also at the individual level in the form of pellet boilers, for example. The difference is that this organic matter avoids the use of coal, which is not a renewable source.

Using these renewable energy types everywhere is going to be a (welcome) challenge for the future, and ultimately necessary.

But we have to start somewhere!

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